Student-Directed One Act Plays 2014 Announced

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Dublin High School Student Directed One Acts 2014 PosterThe Dublin High Drama Club student-directed One Act Plays, an annual favorite, have been announced and cast. The four performance run opens Thursday January 30 at 7pm, with performances continuing Friday and Saturday at 7pm and Sunday at 2pm.

Drugs Are Bad – Directed by Rachel Gregory

  • Brad: Quintin Curtice/Brandon Brunckhorst
  • Dad: Cregan Sorvari/Nick Padnos
  • Mom: Nicole Dayton/Pauline Geluz

Don’t Listen to What It Sounds Like – Directed by Jennifer Strasser

  • Floyd: Sean Haggerty
  • Gretchen: Olivia Rubinelli

Bed & Breakfast – Directed by Patrick Wallace

  • Sarah: Keiva Bradley
  • Claude: Luke Legins
  • Chuck: Dylan Seeley
  • Alice: Brooke Brunckhorst
  • Evelyn: Ana Vukojevic

The Story of Hope – Directed by Kendra Wilcox

  • Hope: Veronica Ashworth/Savannah Quintero
  • Danny: Andrew Turner

Post-Its (Notes on a Marriage) – Directed by Melany Scannell

  • Actress: Madison Lattner
  • Actor: Arash Hodjat

The Blueberry Hill Accord – Directed by Makenna Elias

  • Hannah: Maddie Geramoni/Ginikachi Okeke
  • Lindsay: Nicole Schaarshmidt/Moushmi Gazula

The Individuality of Streetlamps – Directed by Jessica Neideffer

  • Melissa: Moraya Sousou/Meghan Butler
  • Andy: Mitchell Polcyn/Jake Castro

Outcomes – Directed by Sara Vukojevic

  • Bob: Nick Strasser/Trevor Helmuth
  • Lisa: Srinidhi Srinivasan/Ashley Bruce

***(Double casts are listed in no specific order)

Dublin High Drama Club Fall 2013 Play “As You Like It” Cast Announced

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Dublin High School Drama returns to the stage with Shakespeare’s classic “As You Like It” for a four performance run. Opening night is just over a month away, Thursday October 24 at 7pm, with performances continuing Friday October 25 and Saturday October 26 at 7pm, and Sunday October 27 at 2pm. The play will be directed by Dublin High Drama Director Bryant Hoex, with Jessica Neideffer at his side as the production’s stage manager. The cast was just announced and most roles are double cast as noted below.

  • Rosalind: Jennifer Strasser and Rachel Gregory
  • Celia: Makenna Elias and Alyssa Ponce
  • Touchstone: Kendra Wilcox and Hannah Keihl
  • Jacques: Roberta Tyler and Sara Vukojevic
  • Phoebe: Keiva Bradley and Olivia Rubinelli
  • Audrey: Savannah Quintero and Melany Scannell
  • Orlando: Arash Hodjat and Sean Haggerty
  • Oliver: Nick Padnos and Jack Kiernan
  • Duke Senior: Andrew Turner
  • Duke Frederick: Cregan Sorvari
  • Corin: Anne Griffin and Nicole Dayton
  • Ada(m): Meghan Butler and Ana Vukojevic
  • Charles: Dylan Seeley
  • Silvius: Reza Dehkordi and Quintin Curtis
  • Le Beau/Lord:  Ginikachi Okeke and Pauline Geluz
  • Dennis/Lord: Naomi Diaz and Becca Griffin
  • Amiens: Jocelyn Sahagun
  • Foresters: Savannah O’Callaghan Jones, Nicole Stefano, Nicole Schaarschmidt

Dublin High Drama Club’s “The Matchmaker” Delivers Satirical Wit and Wisdom

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Dublin High School Drama Club Production The Matchmaker

If you’ve seen the musical “Hello, Dolly!” (or the movie Wall-E which features scenes and music from “Hello, Dolly!”), then you’ve seen the lighthearted interpretation of Thornton Wilder’s play “The Matchmaker”.

Wilder’s satirical and slapstick soliloquies make quick work of society norms, attacking Victorian views on gender, social status and marriage. For the teenage cast, the production was one of Dublin High’s most complex, involving four intricate set changes (cleverly entertaining with Barbra Streisand’s “Dolly” playing between Acts). The young cast didn’t miss a beat, with timing and numerous props playing a key role in many scenes.

The play also offers rich roles for many students, with the part of Horace Vandergelder providing a catalog of quotable insults: “You’re an impertinent fool, that’s what you are. Now, if you behave yourself, I’ll promote you from impertinent fool to chief clerk, with a raise in your wages. And Barnaby may be promoted from idiot apprentice to incompetent clerk.”

Surrounding and infuriating Vandergelder are a troupe of characters including the adventure-seeking Cornelius Hackl and Barnaby Tucker, their romantic counterparts Irene Molloy and Minnie Fay, as well as numerous other personalities distinct and entertaining.

The soliloquies aren’t the only elements reminiscent of a Shakespearean comedy – the play also features mistaken identity, slapstick, romance, an ending free of loose ends, and well-crafted morsels of wisdom. As Mrs. Dolly Levi observes, “The difference between a little money and no money at all is enormous – and can shatter the world. The difference between a little money and an enormous amount of money is very slight – and that, also, can shatter the world.”

In a first for Dublin High (at least in recent years), the magic of live theatre also included a live cricket who, entertained by the performance, chose to “sing” until “escorted” out of Dublin High’s Little Theatre by a cricket-whispering parent.

If it’s “pudding” you are after (that will make more sense after you see the play), then it is “pudding” you will get in Dublin High’s production of “The Matchmaker”.

“The Matchmaker” continues with performances Friday and Saturday night at 7pm and closes Sunday with a 2pm matinée. As has been the tradition for many years at Dublin High, the play is double-cast to provide as many students as possible an opportunity to perform. Dublin High students also perform the critical roles back stage that make the magic on stage possible.

The program for the production is available here.

Dublin High Drama Club Production of The Matchmaker Opening Night Cast

Dublin High Drama Club Production of The Matchmaker Opening Night Cast

Dublin High School Drama Club Production of The Matchmaker - Closing Night Cast

Dublin High School Drama Club Production of The Matchmaker – Closing Night Cast


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Dublin High School’s Production of “The Matchmaker” Opens April 11

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The Dublin High School production of “The Matchmaker” by Thornton Wilder opens Thursday April 11 for a four performance run in Dublin High’s Little Theatre. Performances will be held Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 7pm and Sunday at 2pm. The production has been double cast, as has been the practice for several years, to provide more acting opportunities for Dublin High School Drama students. Below are the two casts. The play was famously adapted into the musical “Hello, Dolly!” in 1955.

Dublin High School Drama Club Production The Matchmaker

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Dublin High School Wins Awards at Ohlone College High School Theatre Festival 2013

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Fourteen Dublin High School Drama Club students collaborated to produce thirteen entries for the 2013 Ohlone College High School Theatre Festival last week. A One Act, monologues and even a music video made up the Dublin High entries at the highly competitive event that attracts high school theatre talent from across the Bay Area.

Out of Dublin High’s thirteen entries, seven made it to the finals and three won awards: Emily Morehead took 2nd place for women’s contemporary humorous monologue, Ryan McRee became our first multiple-award winner, taking 3rd place with Alex Cappa for humorous one-act and 3rd place in the music video category.

Below is the full list of Dublin High School’s entries at the event:

  • Sweetheart’s Monologue – Reed Sights
  • The Widow’s Blind Date – Rachel Gregory
  • American Tet – Kristen Koury and Nicole Hamre
  • Safe in the Dark – Hannah Keihl
  • Live and in Color! – Emily Morehead
  • Man and Superman – Sean Rickenbacker
  • Daniel on a Thursday – Ryan McRee and Alex Cappa
  • The Worker – Rhabi Khan
  • Absent – Jennifer Strasser
  • Excerpt from Macbeth – Reed Sights
  • Excerpt from As You Like It – Alyssa Ponce
  • Different – Alex Cappa
  • Music Video – Ryan McRee (featuring Alex Cappa, Jessica Neideffer, Reed Sights, Emily Morehead and Nick Sinai)

Dublin High Drama Club One Acts 2013 A Theatrical Collage

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Dublin High School Student-Directed One Acts 2013

What do two musical numbers and six one act plays add up to? An evening of intelligent, funny, heart-wrenching, absurd and stuck-in-your-head sing-along treats. If you like diversity, you’ll love One Acts. If you don’t have the attention span for a full-length play, you’ll love One Acts. If you love a bit of musical, and a bit of non-musical, you’ll love One Acts. And if you just love theatre in general, and love it done well, you’ll love Dublin High School’s annual Student-Directed One Acts which provide an opportunity for student directors to take control of play selection, casting, staging and of course directing fellow students (with the guidance of Dublin High Drama Director Bryant Hoex). The 2013 edition of the One Acts opened to full (and enthusiastic) house, with performances continuing Friday (7pm), Saturday (7pm) and Sunday (2pm).

Unlike a full-length play, where the order of the Acts and structure of the evening is largely set by the playwright, an evening of One Acts requires careful selection of material and editorial choices about how to order the plays and musical numbers. The students in charge made excellent choices for the 2013 edition – the evening was book-ended by musical numbers (“All Girl Band” and “Lifelines” from the Joan Silver / Julianne Boyd musical A… My Name is Alice) which left the audience cheering to open and close the show, and showcased a strong quintet of female singers that we’ll be sure to hear more from in the coming years.

There was also a balance of romance (“Getting It Back” from John Cariani’s Almost, Maine), drama (Lonely by Annie Marie Healy and Eating Out by Marcia Dixon) and comedy (Universal Language by David Ives, Fourteen by Alice Gerstenberg and I Can’t Think of it Right Now by Nick Zagone).

“Getting It Back” is the second selection from the episodic play Almost, Maine that has been featured in DHS One Acts in recent years, and provided a beautiful twist on what love is – with the emotion of love made tangible. And while selections like Lonely required teenagers to perform as adults, conveying years beyond their years, Eating Out provided a very relevant cautionary tale on eating disorders so appropriate for a teenage cast.

Universal Language, not to give anything away, was a test case in extreme memorization – a play that wasn’t exactly in English, yet was universally understood (and enjoyed) by the audience. I Can’t Think of it Right Now required perfect timing by the cast for the material to work – a quick-paced interchange between two actors where the humor is as much in the words as it is the delivery – and the young case pulled it off to perfection. And Fourteen provided perhaps the most delicious individual role of the evening, the pompous / frantic / despairing / deceitful / elegant Mrs. Pringle and her ever-changing dinner party plans.

For long-time patrons of the Dublin High School Theatre you’ll see many new faces in this year’s One Acts which bodes well for the future of Little Theatre (and soon to be Performance Arts Center) productions.

If you are looking for an evening of entertainment that leaves you laughing, thinking and humming a tune or two on your drive home, then make your way to Dublin High’s Little Theatre this weekend to enjoy the 2013 Dublin High Drama Club Student-Directed One Acts. Ticket prices are $5 for students and $7 for adults, and the show is suitable for all ages. The program for the show is available here. Ashton Auto Service, Dublin Cyclery, and TJ Florist and Gifts sponsored the production.

Dublin High School Student-Directed One Acts 2013 Opening Night Cast

Dublin High School Student-Directed One Acts 2013 Opening Night Cast


Dublin High School Student-Directed One Acts 2013 Closing Night Cast

Dublin High School Student-Directed One Acts 2013 Closing Night Cast

Student-Directed One Act Plays 2013 and Casting Announced

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Dublin High School Student Directed One Acts 2013 Poster

The Dublin High School’s annual Student-Directed One Act Plays have been announced and casting is complete. The popular One Acts will be open Thursday January 10 for a four performance run. As with other Dublin High School Drama Club productions, many parts are double-cast allowing participation by more students.

I Can’t Think of It Right Now by Nick Zagone, Directed by Emily Morehead

  • Marsha: Savannah Quintero, Alyssa Ponce
  • John: Lucas Hernandez, Arash Hodjat

Fourteen by Alice Gerstenberg, Directed by Kristen Koury

  • Mrs. Pringle: Jasmine Virk, Reed Sights
  • Elaine: Ashley Bruce, Nicole Schaarschmidt
  • Dunham: Sean Haggerty, Ronan Bradley

Lonely Directed by Jessica Neideffer

  • Frances: Melany Scannell, Meghan Butler
  • Milly: Hannah Keihl, Pauline Geluz
  • Frank: Alex Cappa, Nick Padnos

Getting It Back Directed by Jennifer Strasser

  • Gayle: Makenna Elias
  • Lendall: Andrew Schullerts

Universal Language Directed by Ryan McRee

  • Dawn: Sara Vukojevic, Nicole Dayton
  • Don: Thomas Mugglestone

Eating Out Directed by Nicole Hamre

  • Chriss: Olivia Rubinelli
  • Pat: Sharanya Stanely
  • Melanie: Kendra Wilcox

Musical numbers Directed by Patrick Wallace and Rachel Gregory

  • Brooke Brunckhorst
  • Cassidy Milichichi
  • Autumn Kelly
  • Keiva Bradley
  • Olivia Rubinelli

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